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Daily Bible Quiz: Daily Bible Quiz for today (January 29th,2023)

Daily bible quiz multiple choice for 29th January 2023

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Daily Bible Quiz

What did Jesus and the disciples have for breakfast when Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection by the Sea of Tiberias?
ⓐ Vegetables
ⓑ Bread and wine
ⓒ Grape
ⓓ Bread and Fish
Which woman was a seller of purple goods?
ⓐ Lydia
ⓑ Absalom
ⓒ Esther
ⓓ Ruth
What were the restrictions on marriage for the daughters of Zelophehad?
ⓐ They must marry their sisters
ⓑ They must marry within their tribe
ⓒ They must marry outside their tribes
ⓓ They can marry anybody
Who said, " A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Isreal," when he saw Jesus?
ⓐ Nicodemus
ⓑ Cornelius
ⓒ Simeon
ⓓ Matthew
How did Moses assure victory against the Amalekites?
ⓐ Prayed to God
ⓑ Kept his hands held up
ⓒ Made sure all isrealites fasted
ⓓ Sacrifed a lamb to God
What was the occupation of Hosea's wife?
ⓐ Harlot
ⓑ Painter
ⓒ Trader
ⓓ Farmer
In the Sermon on the Mount, what does Jesus say you should do when you fast?
ⓐ Do not brush
ⓑ Do not go to work
ⓒ You can take water
ⓓ Anoint your head, and wash your face
Which church did Jesus accuse of being Lukewarm?
ⓐ Zion
ⓑ Laodicea
ⓒ Nazareth's church
ⓓ Modecai
Why are the Thessalonians told not to worry about those Christians who have died?
ⓐ Nothing will happen to them
ⓑ They will be raised to life again
ⓒ They will be with God
ⓓ They will become angels
In the parable of the sower, what happened to the seed that fell on the path?
ⓐ Was walked over by people
ⓑ Eaten by birds
ⓒ It became rotten
ⓓ Eaten bby vultures
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