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Daily Bible Quiz: Daily Bible Quiz for today (January 17th,2023)

Daily Bible quiz with answers for 17th January 2023

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Daily Bible Quiz

In what city was Jesus brought up as a child?
ⓐ Bethany (John 11:1)
ⓑ Cana (John 2:1-11)
ⓒ Egypt (Mat 2:5)
ⓓ Nazareth (Matt 2:23)
Which female judge described herself as a mother of Israel?
ⓐ Michelle
ⓑ Ruth
ⓒ Esther
ⓓ Deborah
After the angels had anounced the birth of Christ and left the sheperds, what did the shepherds do?
ⓐ Went quickly to Bethlehem
ⓑ Didnt go to any place
ⓒ Were rejoicing with God
ⓓ Went to Egypt
According to Peter, what "covers a multitude of sins"?
ⓐ Kindness
ⓑ Affection
ⓒ Love
ⓓ Peace
In prison, for whom did Joseph interpret dreams?
ⓐ Angel of the Lord (Matt 1:21)
ⓑ Cain (Gen 4:1)
ⓒ John (Luke 1:13)
ⓓ The butler and the baker (Gen 40:5)
To what preservative does the Lord compare his disciples?
ⓐ Living water (John 4:10)
ⓑ Mercy (Ps 106:1)
ⓒ Silver (Matt 26:15)
ⓓ Salt (Matt 5:13)
What was Jesus' first miracle?
ⓐ Raising Lazarus from death
ⓑ Changing water into wine
ⓒ Healing the dumb
ⓓ Healing the blind
Who spotted Moses in the Nile placed in an ark of bulrushes?
ⓐ Sarai (Gen 11:29)
ⓑ Rehoboam (1 Ki 11:43)
ⓒ Pharaoh's daughter (Exo 2:5)
ⓓ Lazarus (John 11:41)
Who was Bathsheba's first husband ?
ⓐ Daniel
ⓑ David
ⓒ Solomon
ⓓ Uriah
Why were Daniel's three friends thrown into the fiery furnance?
ⓐ they do not respect any
ⓑ They wouldn't bow down to Nebuchadnezza golden image
ⓒ They were eating the contraband
ⓓ They were disobedient to the king

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