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Daily Bible Quiz: Daily Bible Quiz for today (January 12th,2023)

Daily bible quiz with answers for 12th January 2023

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Daily Bible Quiz

What guided the Israelites through the wilderness?
ⓐ Through angels (Exo 9:34)
ⓑ Sheaves of wheat bowing down to other sheaves (Gen 37:5-7)
ⓒ Moses with shining rod (Exo 9:29)
ⓓ A pillar of cloud and of fire (Exo 13:21)
At what age did Jesus start his ministry?
ⓐ 25 (Luke 3:23)
ⓑ Ten (Luke 3:23)
ⓒ Thirty (Luke 3:23)
ⓓ Fourty (Luke 3:23)
What was Jonah's reaction to the way the people of the city of Nineveh responded to God's message?
ⓐ He felt indifferent
ⓑ He was happy
ⓒ He was sad
ⓓ He was angry
In his Sermon on the Mount, what does Jesus say about tomorrow?
ⓐ Take heed for it (Matt 6:23)
ⓑ Ignore it (Macc 3:111)
ⓒ Take no thought for it (Matt 6:34)
ⓓ Our life is uncertain (Matt 5:17)
What did Joseph instruct to be put in Benjamin's sack?
ⓐ His gold
ⓑ His grain money and silver cup
ⓒ His money
ⓓ his silver
What did Paul do to the soothsayer which made her masters unhappy?
ⓐ He covered his eyes with clay and told him to wash (John 9:6-7)
ⓑ He was thrown into the lions' den (Dan 6:10,16)
ⓒ He is enticed by his own lust (Jam 1:14)
ⓓ Commanded the spirit of divination to leave her (Acts 16:18-19)
What was the name of the place where Jesus Christ was crucifies?
ⓐ Jordan
ⓑ Golgotha/Calvary
ⓒ Galilee
ⓓ Capernaum
What object featured in Jacob's dream at Bethel?
ⓐ Ladder
ⓑ Houses
ⓒ Stones
ⓓ Gold
What are the names of Joseph's parents?
ⓐ Jacob and Leah
ⓑ Abram and Sarah
ⓒ Jacob and Rachel
ⓓ Jacob and Uriah
What animal did Samson kill on his way to Timnah?
ⓐ Lion (Jdg 14:6)
ⓑ Ostrich (Job 39:13-17)
ⓒ An onyx (Exo 28:9)
ⓓ Snake (Gen 3:45)
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